Monthly Archives: July 2012

Interdisciplinary Interest in Neuroscience

The first piece of information we received as participants in the UPenn Neuroscience Bootcamp was a list of the other participants. We then learned a bit more about each other in the introductory session this morning. I am one of a handful of philosophers, including the great Alvin Goldman, whose work in epistemology and cognitive […]

Summer Adventures

It has been a busy summer. In late June, I gave a paper on successful versus unsuccessful psychopaths (co-written with Bill Hirstein) at the Society for Philosophy of Psychology annual meeting in Boulder. In early July, I travelled to Paris to the Personality and Character conference (organized by Jon Webber and Alberto Marsala) at the […]

In prison, without knowing why

This article in the New York Times caught my attention yesterday, partly because just a few weeks ago I sat on a panel discussing punishment of late stage demented offenders. The number of prisoners in the US with dementia is on the rise. The NYT article notes that due to budget constraints, offenders whose cognition is so compromised […]