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(in progress)“Blurred Lines: Complicity and Injustice in Cases of Rape,” presented at Injustice, Resistance and Complicity Workshop, June 14-15, 2022, University of Groningen.

(under review) “Ecological accounts of moral agency and the importance of moral audience,” with Anneli Jefferson.

(under review) “Deserving Blame, and Sometimes Punishment,” written for a special issue of Criminal Law & Philosophy on Mechanical Minds (2020) by Michael Moore.

(forthcoming) “Culpability and Punishment for Reckless Rape,” with Anneli Jefferson, for special issue of Humana Mente – New Work on Agency and Responsibility, Oisin Deery Ed.

(2023) “Do Rapists Deserve Criminal Punishment?” in the Palgrave Handbook on Philosophy of Punishment, (Altman, M. Ed.).

(2022) “Practical Wisdom and Cognitive Diversity,” with Anneli Jefferson, in Values and Virtues in a Changing World, Royal Institute of Philosophy, Supplementary Volume (Jefferson, A., Panos, P., Palermos, O., and Webber, J., Eds.).

(2022) “Do Rape Cases sit in a Moral Blindspot?“, in Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Action, Routledge Press (Sam Murray & Paul Henne, Eds.).

(2022) “Negligence and Normative Import: A reply to comments on Responsible Brains,” with Tyler Fagan, Criminal Law & Philosophy 22, 1-18. Response to comments on the book Responsible Brains (Hirstein, Sifferd, and Fagan, 2018).

(2022) “Neuroethics,” with Joshua VanArsdall, book chapter in Mind, Cognition, and Neuroscience: A Philosophical Introduction, Routledge Press (B. Young and C. Dicey Jennings, eds.).

(2022) “Legal Insanity and Moral Knowledge: Why is a lack of moral knowledge related to a mental illness exculpatory?” book chapter in Agency, Responsibility, & Mental Disorder: Exploring the Connections, under contract,  Oxford University Press (Matt King & Joshua May, Eds.).

(2021) “How is criminal punishment forward-looking?”, The Monist 104(4), 540-553 (A. Jefferson and P. Robichard, Eds of special issue).

(2021) “Why not weak retributivism?Journal of Legal Philosophy 46(2), 138-143. Comment on Rejecting Retributivism by Gregg Caruso (2021).

(2021) “Philosophy Labs: Bringing Pedagogy and Research Together,” with Kit Rempala and Joseph Vukov, Teaching Philosophy: 44(2).

(2020) “Juvenile Self-Control and Legal Responsibility: Building a Scalar Standard,” with Tyler Fagan and William Hirstein, in Surrounding Self-Control, Oxford University Press (A. Mele, Ed.).

(2020) “Chemical Castration as Punishment,” in Neuro-Interventions and the Law, Oxford University Press (N. Vincent & Nadelhoffer, T. Eds.).

(2018) “Pretrial Detention and Moral Agency” with Tyler Fagan, in The Palgrave Handbook on Philosophy and Public Policy, (Boonin, D. Ed.), 11-23.

(2018) Responsible Brains: Neuroscience, Law, and Human Culpability, with William Hirstein and Tyler Fagan, MIT press.

(2018) “Are Psychopaths Legally Insane?” with Anneli Jefferson, European Journal of Analytic Philosophy, special issue on psychopathy, 14(1), 79-96 (Jurjako, M. & Malatesti, L. Eds).

(2018) “Non-Eliminative Reductionism: Not the theory of the mind/body relationship some criminal law theorists want, but the one they need,” in Neurolaw and Responsibility for Action: Concepts, Crimes and Courts, Cambridge University Press (M. Patterson & B. Donnelly-Lazarov eds.).

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