2021 Research Update

Well, academic year 2020-2021 has been A LOT. I have been homeschooling my 10 year old off and on, helping my daughter negotiate online high school, and trying to run a department during a pandemic. Both my kids and my faculty have done their best to make things easier, but even so, the last year has not been a great time to be a working single mother.

I have done my best to continue my research. Here is what I have done; what I am doing; and what I plan to do soon.

Recently finished and forthcoming:

“Neuroethics,” with Joshua VanArsdall, book chapter in Mind, Cognition, and Neuroscience: A Philosophical Introduction, under contract, Routledge Press (B. Young and C. Dicey Jennings, eds.).

“Legal Insanity and Moral Knowledge: Why is a lack of moral knowledge related to a mental illness exculpatory?” book chapter for Agency, Responsibility, & Mental Disorder: Exploring the Connections, under contract, Oxford University Press (Matt King & Joshua May, Eds.).

“Philosophy Labs: Bringing Pedagogy and Research Together,” with Kit Rempala and Joseph Vukov, Teaching Philosophy: 44(2).

Mostly finished and under final review:

“How is criminal punishment forward-looking?”, paper for a special edition of The Monist on forward-looking moral responsibility, (A. Jefferson and P. Robichard, eds).

Response to comments on Responsible Brains (MIT Press), with Ty Fagan, for Criminal Law & Philosophy special issue

Under blind review at a journal:

“What would your mother say? Reasons Responsiveness, Autism and Moral Audience” with Anneli Jefferson

In progress or scheduled:

4/1/21: Comment on Gregg Caruso’s Rejecting Retributivism book due (for a si of Journal of Legal Philosophy)
5/1/21: “What can the dual process theory of moral judgment tell us about sexual assault cases?” due (chapter for an edited anthology on xphi and action, Murray, S. and Henne, P. eds)
8/1/21: Draft paper with Anneli Jefferson on neurodiversity and virtues due

I’m also planning to teaching a seminar in Bogotá this summer as a part of this grant project.

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